Real Estate Photography Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule an appointment?

You’re ready to schedule, and that’s great! Let’s get this house sold! Check availability and schedule your Atlanta real estate photography appointment with our online calendar.

Schedule Atlanta real estate photography appointment

Why do I need professional real estate marketing photography?

There’s no second chance at a first impression, especially in real estate. VENVISIO presents the property in a manner that allows viewers to make an emotional connection with it. Our image optimization techniques and attention to lighting, angles, color, architectural details, focal points, and selling points naturally draw in the viewer and entice them to look past other listings with snapshots. Professional photography, like home staging, gives buyers confidence and helps them envision themselves in the property. As a real estate professional, your use of professional photography in marketing materials also builds your client’s confidence in your ability to sell their home.

Do I really need professional photography in this market?

90% of home buyers are searching online, which means your listing can either be lost in the sea of snapshots, or stand out and draw attention to itself. With this in mind, how much money are you willing to lose to mediocre MLS pictures?

How long is a real estate photography appointment?

Appointment lengths depend on the number of images created. Expect anywhere from 1.5 hours for 16 photographs, to 3.5 hours for 40 photographs.

What if it’s raining or overcast?

If it’s just overcast and not actively raining, most clients prefer to keep their original appointment, due to the limited availability of appointments. In some cases, an overcast sky is actually preferred. If it’s actively raining, you’re welcome to reschedule for the first available opening. Many clients who have properties photographed in the rain or on overcast days are pleasantly surprised by the quality of the results.

How fast is the turnaround?

Images are guaranteed available Within 24 hours of the shoot completion. We’ll email a link to download the images and access the RealtyClique.com/*street-address* virtual tour slide show.

How far will you travel?

To all ends of the earth. Standard pricing includes travel of up to 30 minutes each way from our location in East Cobb (approximately Johnson Ferry & 120, Roswell Rd), which is roughly 15 miles in Atlanta traffic. Further (actually longer) travel is always an option and can be quoted prior to booking.

How can I best prepare a property for photography?

I’m happy to answer any specific questions about photography preparation; Please feel free to call me at 404-786-5328 today. I’ve made a simple one-page checklist to help you prepare, but here’s a brief overview: The property should be clean and free of clutter or too many personal items (personal items reflect a specific taste, and we want the property to appeal to an array of tastes). Most importantly though, it should be clean and neat. At our own discretion, we may move or shift a few small items to improve a photo; however cleaning, moving, and staging services are beyond the scope of the appointment time and fee. Appointments have time allotted for photography only. Delays due to incomplete cleaning, staging, etc. will consume that time, reducing the amount of time for actual photography. Please have all preparations completed prior to the appointment start time, because the rule is, “If it’s there, it may be photographed.”

Will you remove power lines, street signs, etc?

Only at your specific direction (and with a signed waiver and a quoted additional digital services fee). Standard image optimization does not include the removal or modification of permanent elements, which some individuals consider to be a misrepresentation of the property, or feel could jeopardize their integrity as a real estate professional. We also understand that some clients like to utilize photo-illustrations in their marketing to demonstrate the potential appearance of future remodeling, repairs, or upgrades, and in such cases we are happy quote the additional services to accommodate your requests. In such cases, a written request of the changes is required. We may, at our own discretion (and under no obligation), remove or modify some temporary elements that will not materially change the property, but will eliminate distractions from the subject of the image.

Can you link the Virtual Tour slide show to the REALTOR.com listings?

Yes. To link the virtual tour slide show to your REALTOR.com listings, we need you to provide us with the MLS ID for the property, as listed on REALTOR.com. For agents who have REALTOR.com Showcase Listing Enhancements, the service is included when you provide the MLS ID’s that have been used to post the listings to REALTOR.com. For agents who do not use REALTOR.com Showcase listing enhancements, there is an additional fee of $30.00 per MLS ID for us to add the link.

Payment options

All fees must be paid in full prior to delivery of photography services or goods. All services and goods are subject to 6% sales tax when purchased in East Cobb county. Most of our clients pay with a credit card through our processor, Square. Payment may also be made on-site at the property via cash, check, or credit card.

Who owns the images?

As the creator of the images, Joshua Vensel owns the copyright. The images are licensed to the purchaser, for the purpose of marketing and selling or renting the property, either until the sale or rental closes, or the listing expires. The license permits use by the original purchaser only, for a single listing, and may not be transferred or sub-licensed to others by the purchaser. Once the property sells or rents once, or the listing expires, the purchaser’s license expires and additional use – such as to promote one’s business, or as a gift to the purchaser’s client – must be licensed through the copyright holder, Joshua Vensel.